Shareable Links

Share your private content with customers and partners using a secret shareable link.

If you own a private space on GitBook, at some point, you probably wanted to share your content to people outside your team. But inviting them to your organization is not always appropriate.

Shareable links allows you to share your private content with anyone.

How does it work?

You share a secret link by coping it since the Sharable link panel in the Share tab:

Once the link is active, a token is generated within your URL which is unique to your space. By sharing this link it will give non GitBook users access to your private content in read mode only. The link can be revoked and regenerated any time.

Who can access my contents if I activate the private sharing link ?

The content will be accessible to anyone following the link. Your team members will always be able to access your content from their dashboard.

What if I no longer want people to access my content using this link?

At any time, the shareable link can be disabled or regenerated. Previous links will become obsolete. Anyone using the revoked link will no longer have access to your content.

Privacy of my content is not critical

If you don't have strong privacy and security requirements, we suggest that you keep your space public and make it unlisted. Your content won't be indexed by search engines, and will not be easily discoverable. It's an easy-to-setup approach that still allows you to share your documentation to people you need with a cleaner URL.

I need a more secure alternative

To this day, the most secure way to share you content to a private audience is to have them create a GitBook account and join your organization. This process can be automated using SSO/SAML.

SSO and SAML can be used to create a custom authentication in front of your documentation, but it will requires more setup on your end. Feel free to reach out to us for guidance on the subject at