Organization plans

Learn about the plans we offer for your GitBook organizations.
An organization is a part of the way that content is structured on GitBook. Every organization has a library containing any number of collections and/or spaces, a free or paid plan, and one or more members.
Permissions Only administrators can access an organization's billing settings.

What plans does GitBook offer?

We have recently introduced new and improved pricing plans! Please head to the pricing page on our website to review the features of each plan.
In short, we offer:
  • A free Personal plan, capped at one user, which is ideal for open source developers who want essential features to scale public projects.
  • A Plus plan, which is ideal for small teams that want to collaborate and document publicly.
  • A Pro plan, which is ideal for multi-role teams who want advanced publishing and collaboration options.
  • An Enterprise plan, which is ideal for teams of 20+ with more security and compliance needs.
Does GitBook offer a discount for non-profit / open source organizations?

Legacy plans

If you're subscribed to one of our legacy (Team or Business) plans, you have two options. You can:
  1. 1.
    Remain subscribed to the legacy plan; or
  2. 2.
    Switch to one of our new and improved pricing plans. If you choose this option, it will not be possible to revert back to a legacy pricing plan later.
You can find the full feature comparison for the new plans on our site, but here is a convenient comparison between the legacy and the new plans:

Team vs Plus

Publish a space as unlisted
No (moved to the Pro plan)
Advanced customization
No (moved to the Pro plan)
Minimum charge for 5 users
No (unlimited users, pay as you go)

Business vs Pro

Yes (up to 100 sessions per month)
Minimum charge for 20 users
No (unlimited users, pay as you go)
Flat platform fee of $99 per month

Platform fee

The platform fee allows us to scale the resource demanding features that are available on the Pro plan and are not available on the Personal or Plus plans. It also allows us to keep the per user price lower and remove the minimum charge so that it's easier to scale knowledge sharing across your team.
The platform fee is flat, which means it doesn't go up as you add more users to your organization.