Team permissions

🏛 All members‌

A team, named All members, includes everyone in your organization. People who join your organization following an invite link are added to All members, with the role you choose, via the invite link. Permissions granted in All members apply to all spaces by default.

🧙♂ Tips: To limit access to a space for specific teams, untick All members and tick the teams in the space's Teams settings.

⛹♀ Teams

You can create teams and give members different roles. By default a member has the same permission in all teams created than in the organization unless you specify their role in a specific team.

For example, if Lisa is an admin in the All members team, she will be admin by default for all teams created. You would need to specify/change her role for the created team if you want her to have different permission.

🧙♂ Tips: Team admins, writers or readers can only access a space if their team is ticked in the team settings of this space.