Branding and customization

Last updated 2 months ago

GitBook allows to customize your documentation to reflect your project's identity.

Custom domain

You can use a custom domain instead of . See the dedicated page for more info:

Upload a project logo

Having a logo for your project is the first step to make your reader feel at home. You can add one from the General Settings of your project.

Pick a primary color

The primary color of your project will be used for details in your documentation. Links, for example, use the primary color. It should be the same dominant color used in your logo, or a good complementary color, and it should have enough contrast with white background. Avoid light colors such as yellow. Pick a primary color in your space's General Settings.

Add header links

Header links are typically used to link to your other sites, such as your project's homepage, a forum, or a GitHub repository. You can add them from the General Settings of your space.