Comments and discussions

Comments in GitBook allow you to have as much (or as little!) conversation as you like around specific pieces of content without switching over to a workplace chat tool or 'jumping on a call'!

Comment within your content

You can comment directly on any block within your content.
Users commenting on a paragraph block

Direct discussion

You can also access more general discussion around a space or a change request using the comments icon in the space header. This will let you see all comments, but also gives you a place to have broader or more strategic discussions that might not make sense to associate with a specific content block.
Users commenting on a space

Comment threads

Any top-level comment in GitBook can be replied to, turning it into a discussion thread.

Resolving comments

Commenting and discussions can get messy, especially with larger teams! To reduce the noise, you can resolve a comment at any time. Resolving a comment will hide it in the interface, but still keep it accessible in the 'Resolved' tab of the space's comments sidesheet.

Reacting to comments

Most importantly of all, you can leave an emoji reaction on any comment.

Commenting and change requests

With commenting being integral to feedback, you might want to read more about how comments and change requests work together: