Common Errors

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Cloudflare SSL

In most cases, you don't need to setup Cloudflare in front of your GitBook project because we already serve all content over our own CDN.

If you enable Cloudflare proxying (the orange icon) and have your SSL settings set to Full SSL (strict) (under Crypto > SSL ), you will see an SSL error page.

We can not fix this on our end, because we can't get a valid SSL cert for your custom domain (required by Full SSL (strict)), so you need to make a quick and thankfully easy fix in your Cloudflare settings.

Example of a correctly and incorrectly configured custom domain

How to fix it

There are two quick solutions to fix this issue:

  1. Disable cloudflare's proxying for that domain (change into )

  2. Or change your SSL settings from Full SSL (strict) to Full SSL

Solution 1. is the recommended solution, since it only affects that specific domain (connected to your GitBook project)

Solution 2. is not necessary (if you go for 1) and you may not want to lower SSL settings for security reasons.

CAA DNS Record

CAA allows you to control who can issue new SSL certs for your domain.

We leverage LetsEncrypt to issue new certs for custom domains. So if you have a CAA record, you need to make sure it allows LetsEncrypt.

You can fix this by simply adding a new CAA record containing:

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Bad Example

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Good Examples

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