Custom domain setup on GitBook

Register your custom domain for your GitBook space or your whole organization.

🏢 Organization domains

Organization domains are useful for large organizations with multiple projects they want to host on a single domain (with a subfolder per project).

For example, if my organization domain is, all your public projects will be available under{project-id}

To set up an organization domain, go to your organization's settings:


A large tech startup with multiple separate SDKs would set up a single org domain The different projects will be accessible as folders:

  • iOS SDK:

  • Android SDK:

  • Web SDK:

🌌 Space domains

Space domains are what you will want to use most of the time, especially if you only have personal spaces.

To set up a space domain, go to your space and click on the Advanced tab:


A small startup with a single documentation project can set up the domain

A larger startup with a help center and an API documentation can set up a domain for each project: and