Import of GitHub Wikis

GitBook doesn't support auto-import and synchronization with a GitHub Wiki (we are working on it! 🏗). But since GitBook supports synchronization with a repository, with a few manual steps, a GitHub Wiki can be imported to GitBook.

Let's see how to do it!

📂 Create a temporary GitHub repository

Create a new temporary GitHub repository for example: YOUR_USERNAME/repo-wiki. This repository will be used to store the content from the GitHub Wiki for the initial import to GitBook.

🗂 Clone the wiki and push it the temporary repository

Each GitHub Wiki is associated to its own Git repository, you can find the Git URL to clone in the right sidebar of the wiki (See GitHub documentation).

git clone

Once this repository has been cloned on your computer, you can push it back to the temporary GitHub repository by changing the remote:

git remote set-url origin

If your wiki has a file, you can rename this file to The markdown file extension (.md) should be added to all links in this file (See the documentation about SUMMARY).

📥 Import the repository on GitBook

Now that your content is in a normal GitHub repository, you can create a space on GitBook and synchronize it with this repository.

Once your content has been imported, you can deactivate the GitHub integration into this space.