Intercom makes it easy to communicate with your users! 🔊 Their chat widget will help your customers to reach you when they have questions or troubles.

This integration adds the Intercom chat widget to your app, let's see how to set it up.

🔧 Setup

The setup of the Intercom integration only requires your "Application ID". You can find this identifier in your Intercom settings from the Intergrations tab.

The application ID should be entered in the intercom panel:

🧙♂ Tips: You can customize the Intercom messenger from the Intercom settings, see "Customize the Intercom Messenger (basics)" to match your space's customization. 🎨

🧰 Troubleshooting

🧠 Note: The Intercom chat widget is only displayed for readers. It'll not be shown to your writers and admins.

If the Intercom chat widget doesn't show up, please check if the domain has been whitelisted. 👉 See "Whitelisting the domains you use with Intercom" for more information.

If the domain is whitelisted, but the widget still doesn't show up for some users this may be because of Ad blockers, 👉 see "Why am I missing users that are showing up on my own system?".