GitBook Segment event
Once the Segment integration has been installed and configured on a Space, anytime a visitor access a page in your GitBook Published content, the integration will send [GitBook] space_view events to the Segment Source you've chosen to use.
This event includes various information on the visitor and the page they've accessed.
It should have the following shape:
"anonymousId": "<visitor_anonymous_id>",
"context": {
"ip": "<visitor_ip_address>",
"library": {
"name": "GitBook",
"version": "0.0.0"
"page": {
"path": "/path/of/the/visited/page",
"referrer": "<referrer_url>",
"search": "<page_url_query_string>",
"url": "<full_page_url>"
"userAgent": "<visitor_user_agent>"
"event": "[GitBook] space_view",
"integrations": {},
"messageId": "api-2CIZxqhowyXWX1IR7XD3ku0Wtdm",
"properties": {
"pageId": "<gitbook_page_id>",
"spaceId": "<gitbook_space_id>"
"receivedAt": "2022-07-22T12:18:27.692Z",
"timestamp": "2022-07-22T12:18:27.692Z",
"type": "track"
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