Organization settings

🏢 Your organization's information

Having a logo for your project is the first step to make your reader feel at home. You can add one from the settings of your organization and update your organization's name.

Change your Organization's information from its settings

🔗 Your organization's URL

You can change and personalize your organization’s URL (web address).

🧠 Note: If you change your organization’s URL, GitBook will automatically redirect from the old to the new one.

Setup Single Sign On (SSO)

You can configure your SSO with any SAML solution from your settings, you can read more on how to configure your SAML single sign-on to give your members access to GitBook through an identity provider (IdP) of your choice.

🧠 Note: You need to upgrade to the Enterprise plan to have access to the SSO feature.

📥 Export your organization

From your organization's settings > Danger zone, you can export data related to your organization. This data includes:‌

  • 🏢 Organization information

  • 👨💻👩💻 Memberships (user ID, role in the organization)

  • 🤫 Space information (name, ID, visibility settings)

🗑 Delete your organization

You can delete your organization but make sure that:‌

  1. 👩🏽💼 You are the owner of the organization

  2. 💸 Your organization has no active subscription. It should be on the "Free" plan in the Billing settings.

  3. You have removed every member of the organization.

After that, you can delete your organization by clicking the "Delete" button in the "Danger Zone" panel of the organization's settings.

You can delete your organization on "danger zone" panel

Deleting your organization is non reversible, once deleted there is no going back.