Billing policy

🆓 14-day trial‌

The trial provides you the opportunity to test all GitBook features, start onboarding your team and create your content. During this period we will stay available for any product questions you may have.

🧠 Note: At the end of your trial (similar to other software) you will be required to upgrade your organization to continue editing and collaborating.‌

You can read more about the free trial on our blog post 👉 here.‌

💪 Fair billing

GitBook tries to offer the fairest billing policy by adapting the billing to your usage. In short:‌

  • You’ll be charged for members in your organization on the day that you upgrade to a paid plan.

  • Any changes to the number of members will be reflected in your monthly statement, either as extra prorated charges or payback.

The current accepted payment method is credit card.

💳 Credit card charges

The day you upgrade to a paid plan is the start of your billing period. From here, there are only three different times you will see charges from GitBook:‌

  • On the day you upgraded to a paid plan.

  • On the monthly renewal date of your billing period. (charges apply when adding more members)

  • Anytime your balance exceeds a certain amount for annual plans from adding new members:

    • $300 for Team (previously startup) yearly plan

    • $1000 for Business yearly plan

🧠 Note: Annual and monthly commitments are subject to our pro-rata pricing.