What is a space?
In GitBook, a space is a project where you can start organizing your ideas. Imagine it as a virtual book where you can start writing pages simultaneously with other members or individually with rich-content and rich-text.
Now let's see how to create a space!

Create a space

To create a space click on the plus button next to your personal account or organization.
You can also create a space directly from your organization library or a collection screen using the 'New Space' button:

Duplicating a space

To duplicate a space, select 'Duplicate' from the space's menu.
Duplicating a space will create a copy of the source space, in the same location (organization, collection, sub-collection, etc.) as the source space.
For example, duplicating a space called Design System, that lives in the Design collection, will be saved as Copy of Design System, inside the Design collection.

Moving a space

Simply drag and drop a space in the sidebar to reorder it. Drop it onto a collection to nest it inside, or drop it from your Personal library into your Organization library (or vice-versa) to move it between libraries.
If you can't, or prefer not to, drag and drop, you can also move a space by selecting the 'Move space to…' command in the collection's menu:

Deleting a space

You can delete your space from the space page by clicking the triple dot menu in the top right, and selecting 'delete'. You will need to confirm the deletion in a popup. Deleted spaces can be restored from trash for up to 7 days.
Good to know: deleted spaces will be moved to 'Trash' and can be restored up to 7 days after deletion.