Invite members to your organization

There are a couple of ways you can invite new members to your organisation:
  • Generating an invite link and sharing it directly.
  • Inviting them directly using their email address.
Invite links in GitBook allow you to maintain a list of links that members can use to sign up and quickly join your organization.
Invite links are tied to specific roles – and you can create (and revoke!) as many invite links as you like.

Inviting members directly

You can directly invite members in the members section of your organization settings. Enter their email(s), select their default role, and click continue. Each member will receive an email that will allow them to sign up to GitBook and instantly join your organization.

Removing members

Leaving an organization

You can leave an organization by going to the organization's settings page, and clicking on leave organization at the bottom of the page. Note that it will not be possible to rejoin the organization unless you are invited to it again.

Removing a member

Organization admins can remove a member of a team through the members list in the members section of the organization settings.