Optimize your GitBook documentation to be discoverable via search engines.
Thanks to the following features, your GitBook projects are SEO-friendly with little or no configuration on your end:
Responsive design
SEO-friendly content
Custom domain
Caching & CDN
Even with these great features, it could still take some time before your documentation is indexed by Google (and other search engines). Both we and you have no direct control over this, but there are two things that you could do to help improve the chance of getting your content indexed more quickly:
  1. 1.
    Make sure that there are links to your GitBook space from other websites that have already been indexed by Google. As Google will return to re-index these sites from time to time, this increases the chance that they'll find your space as a result of re-indexing one of these other sites.
  2. 2.
    Try submitting your site to Google, which essentially asks them to index it. For GitBook spaces, this will only be possible if you are using a custom domain for your space and if you create a TXT DNS record to confirm ownership of the domain.