Feature highlights

Discover the main improvements that make the new GitBook a refreshing experience.

📖 Unified experience between reading and editing

✏️ Significantly improved editor

Powerful and simple editor with markdown shortcuts to stay productive!

Streamlined, reliable, performant editing

🎨 First-class branding and customisation support.

Add a small or a full size logo, pick a color for your header and choose among 7 fonts to personalize your project!

Your project, your identity

👥 Better team management.

Create teams, invite members and define their permissions.

Single sign-on, sub-team permissions

🤝 Simplified collaboration.

Draft new changes and collaborate asynchronously, discuss and review your drafts & changes by adding a comment and share your content.

See the drafts that are created and what changed in your project
Add comments to improve your docs

🔍 Powerful search

Find exactly what you need whenever it's located!

See the results from all the spaces of your organization matching your query

🎯 Quality monitoring tools.

Track your traffic, ratings, and content quality.

Insights for your page's content quality
Take a look at your search stats

⚖️ Granular and fair pricing.

Prices scale per user in a predictable way