Feature highlights

Discover the main improvements that make the new GitBook a refreshing experience.

📖 Unified experience between reading and editing

Switch between modes seamlessly

✏️ Significantly improved editor

Streamlined, reliable, performant editing

⚡️ Instant publishing.

No build errors, no delay, your content is published and available everywhere instantly.

🎨 First-class branding and customisation support.

Your project, your identity

👥 Better team management.

Single sign-on, sub-team permissions

🤝 Simplified collaboration.

Drafts changes and publish them later, display rich diffs, browse edit history, etc.

🔍 Instant search

Instant search, available out of the box, for free

🎯 Quality monitoring tools.

Insights for your page's content quality, search stats, etc.

⚖️ Granular and fair pricing.

Prices scale per user in a predictable way