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June 30th - 1.10.1

  • Improve inline insert menu (for inline math & image)

June 29th - 1.10.0

  • Allow (multiple) lists and paragraphs table cells

June 22nd - 1.9.0

  • 🔢Math (TeX) - i=1featurei=great\sum_{i=1}^{\infty} feature_{i} = \prod_{great}

  • 🌄Inline images -

  • 🔗Redesign page links (design and editing UX)

  • 📝Fix the "Edit this page" button from the right column

  • ⛹️‍♀️Fix the "Teams" page when accessed from a space

  • 🎲Fix the restore popup appearing sometimes for no reason

  • 👾Fix a design glitch in the onboarding preview

  • ✂️Fix pasted code formatting

June 15th - 1.8.0

  • 📝Draft by default workflow (also lays ground for conflict resolution UI)

  • 🐛Fix grey background when pasting code into other apps (e.g: GMail)

  • 💳Improve billing UI

  • 🇪🇺GDPR stuff (data export, ...)

June 11th - 1.7.0

  • 📦View archived drafts (closed or merged)

  • #️⃣Allow pasting markdown into editor

June 6th - 1.6.10

  • ⤴️Add redirects for old /content/ URLs

June 5th - 1.6.9

  • #️⃣Allow editing header IDs (to override auto-generated IDs)

  • 🎨New hint design (warning/info/...)

  • 🔄GitHub sync: export title/description even for pages with no content

June 3rd - 1.6.8

  • 🔐Allow org admins to transfer ownership to another user

  • 🎨Redesign images, allow aligning left or centering

May 29th - 1.6.6

  • 🎨Refresh embeds design

  • 🎨Refresh page template designs

May 24th - 1.6.5

  • 🚀Improve editor perfs

April 21st - 1.2.0

  • 🎆 Support inline images (mixed with text)

  • 🚀 Faster pre-rendered pages (cached by CDN)

  • 🚀 Reduce latency of initial page load / connection by optimizing DNS

  • 🐛 Fix anchor links with non-latin characters

April 19th - 1.1.0

  • ✏️ Major improvements to editing controls & command palette

  • Fixed an error when selecting or deleting embeds

  • Fixed an error when pressing Enter after having selected images.

April 17th 2018 - 1.0.8

A bunch of internal changes, so... nothing visible from your end 😉

April 16th 2018 - 1.0.6

We are encountering jobs and requests timeouts for some large content. We have put in place a few measures to mitigate these timeouts until we find a fix.

  • Emojis (and other unicode characters) are now correctly parsed in their escaped HTML form.

  • Fixed no longer working syntax highlighting 🤭

April 13th 2018 - 1.0.4

  • 🚀 Major update to our internal WYSIWYG engine, which should improve editing stability and performance.

  • Visiting a revoked invite link now properly inform that the invite was indeed revoked.

  • Fixed error with import of some Markdown tables

  • Fixed generated Open Graph meta tags (og:image etc.)

April 12th 2018 - 1.0.3

  • 🚫 Adjusted our spam protection system and added phone verification instead of blocking users detected as malicious.

  • Fixed errors coming from missing logos that prevented new project creation.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented an organization owners from adding himself/herself to a team.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented editing space header links.

April 12th 2018 - 1.0.2

  • Fixed a few UI errors that sneaked in the Billing settings section.

  • Further improved books migration stability 🛠

April 10th 2018 - 1.0.1

  • Fixed a bug when filling credit card infos.

  • Improved stability of the books migration process.

April 9th 2018 - 1.0.0

  • The new GitBook is released publicly as version 1.0.0 🚀🎉

Before that, the new version was still in a private Beta. But you can still check what happened during the Beta here: