Security FAQs

Find out more about how GitBook handles your data and security.

Where and how is my data stored?

All user data and content is stored in the US on Google Cloud, which is backed by the same infrastructure and security that Google uses for its own services.

Customer data is stored in U.S. data centers. Some data (HTML pages & assets) may be cached in other geographies by our CDN. Access to private content through our CDN is always validated through our application servers using a complex permissions system.

Google follows or even leads most of the industry’s best practices and is compliant with most major security standards and certifications.

Is GitBook SOC 2 certified?

Yes. You can read more about it here. Customers and prospects can request access to the audit report by reaching out to our sales team (

Security as a company value

To find more information about how GitBook handles security head over to our Security FAQ.

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