Export and delete

GitBook is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All GitBook users can export their data (personal account information, organization information and space content). Note that you cannot import the content back to GitBook.

Export or delete your data from your settings

Export your account

From your account settings, you can export all the data stored on your GitBook account. These data include:

  • User information (name, email)

  • Organization memberships

Your password cannot be exported as it's stored encrypted in our servers.

Export your organization

From your organization settings, you can export data related to you organization. These data include:

  • Organization information

  • Memberships (User ID, Role in organization)

  • Spaces information (Name, ID, Visibility settings)

Export your space

From your space settings, you can export data related to your space. These data include:

  • Assets

  • Space information (Name, ID, Visibility settings)

  • Pages content

Delete your account and data

You can delete your account in your account settings. GitBook is compliant with the GDPR, when you delete your account, all your data will we erased/anonymized.