Member management

Learn how to manage access to content for members of your organization.
You can invite and remove members from your organization, change members' roles and permissions, and manage teams of members from the members page in your organization's settings.
Admins can invite and remove members, change members' roles and permissions and manage teams. Creators can manage permissions at a content level.
The Members & permissions section of your organization settings shows each person’s role, last seen date and SSO status, if applicable. You’ll also see an overview of the spaces they can access and, if you’re on the Pro plan, how many teams they’re part of.
Click the Teams or Access listings for any member to jump to a list of all those teams and spaces.
A screenshot showing the member list in GitBook. There is a search bar at the top, and for each member you can see their role, their last seen date, and the number of teams they are in and spaces they can access.
In the Members & Permissions section, you can see all the members and guests in your organization, as well as information about their activity and permissions.
You can also click on any member to open their individual member page. Here, you can see more information about them, including their join date and active status.
Select the Teams and Spaces tabs to see a list of the teams they’re a member of, and the spaces they have access to — as well as their access level for those specific spaces.

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