Install and manage integrations

How to install an integration in a single space, or all the spaces in your organization — and manage its settings

You can install an integration in a single space, multiple spaces, or all the spaces across your organization.

If you install an integration in a single space, it will only work in that specific space. By installing an integration in multiple spaces, you’ll be able to perform actions across all those spaces.

Install an integration in a space

1. Open the Integrations menu

Start by clicking Integrations in the space sub-navigation to install an integration on a single space.

2. Review the available integrations

In the Integrations menu, you’ll see a list of all the integrations available to install.

3. Select the integration and install

Next, click on the integration you want to install on the space (e.g Plausible).

This will open up the integration’s installation screen. Click Install to connect it to your space.

4. Complete the configuration

Finally, complete the installation by following the instructions and select the options you need.

You can do this in the integration’s Organization setup and Space setup sections.

Install an integration in multiple spaces

To install an integration on more than one space, you can do so from the Configure menu for that integration.

To open this, click on the Settings ⚙️ cog, choose your organization’s settings, and choose the Integrations option in the left sidebar. Then click Configure on the integration you want to install, and choose Manage spaces in the sidebar of the menu that appears.

You now have two options:

  • Install on all spaces – This will make the integration available to everyone, in every existing and future space in your organization

  • Manage spaces – Here you can see individual spaces that this integration has been installed on, add new, configure setups in individual spaces, or uninstall for specific spaces.

Note: If you have Install on all spaces enabled, you will not see the option to manage the integration on individual spaces.

Manage your organization’s integrations

You can view and manage all of the integrations in the Integrations section of your organization on your organization settings page. Click Configure on any integration to open its settings.

Click Install Integration to open up the Integrations menu, which shows a list of all the integrations that you can install. Here, you can install an integration in a space, or install an integration in multiple spaces.

Complete installation configuration

Whether you choose to install an integration on one space or many, you’ll need to run through the configuration options in the Organization setup screen to complete the installation.

Depending on the integration in question, you may be able to apply different configuration options for each space. You can do this in the Space setup section.

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