Receive notifications about new content, updates to your spaces or changes in visibility.

Notifications provide updates about the activity on GitBook that comes from spaces owned by you or an organization that you are a member of.


All member roles can manage their own notifications.

You can receive notifications inside the GitBook app and/or via email. We support several types of notifications which you can disable or enable in notification settings.

App notifications

You can find app notifications at the top of the sidebar.

Notification retention policy: we currently keep all notifications forever, but could change that in the future.

Within the notifications pop-up, you’ll see two icons in the top-right corner. You can either mark all of your notifications as read, or head to your notification settings to update your preferences.

Email notifications

Email notifications are enabled by default, and can be disabled in your notifications settings. When enabled, GitBook will send one email per notification type. This will be sent to the email address associated with your personal GitBook account.

These email will appear to be sent from via

Possible issues

As with all email delivery, there’s a chance that you might not receive the email. Possible reasons include but are not limited to:

  • Our email ends up in your spam folder or caught by another protection mechanism.

  • Emails sent from GitBook to your email address have bounced many times, and therefore further sending has been automatically blocked by our mail service.

  • There could be a temporary delivery problem that will resolve on its own.

  • A wrong expectation about the notifications you should be receiving.

  • A wrong expectation about the email address to which we would be sending the notification.

If you think you might be running into any of these issues, here are some things you can try:

  • Check your spam or other protection mechanism and make sure our email address ( is not blocked on your end.

  • Wait it out if you are aware of any temporary issue with your mail provider.

  • Check your settings to ensure that you have enabled email notifications for the type of notification you are expecting.

  • Make sure you are checking the correct email address. You can see the email address of your personal account in your account settings.

  • Contact support if all other things fail. If you do, please make sure to include as much information as possible. For example, this might include the email address you expect to receive the notification to, the type of the notification (you can see that in the settings), and the exact details of what you feel should have triggered that notification for you. Please include links to anything relevant, as well.

Notification settings

For both app and email notifications, you can configure which notifications you would like to receive.

Notification types

We currently offer notifications for the following areas:

  • Spaces and collections

  • Change requests

  • Comments

  • Mentions

  • Organizations

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