Git Sync

Synchronize your GitBook content with GitHub or GitLab with GitBook's bi-directional integration.
Git Sync allows technical teams to synchronize GitHub or GitLab repositories with GitBook and turn Markdown files into beautiful, user-friendly docs. Edit directly in GitBook’s powerful editor while keeping content synchronized with your codebase on GitHub or GitLab.
Git Sync is bi-directional, so changes made directly in GitBook’s editor are automatically updated, as are any commits made on GitHub or GitLab. This allows developers to commit directly from GitHub or GitLab and technical writers, instructional designers and product managers to edit, discuss and feedback changes directly in GitBook.
Permissions Administrators and creators can enable and configure Git Sync.

Learn more about:

Bi-directional Git integration Learn what it is and how it works.
Enabling GitHub sync Learn how to enable the integration if you are using GitHub.
Enabling GitLab sync Learn how to enable the integration if you are using GitLab.
Content Configuration Learn how to configure your content including structure, summary and re-directs.
GitHub Pull-Request Preview Learn how to preview the content before merging.
Troubleshooting Learn how to resolve common problems.