Integrations platform

Connect your GitBook spaces to your favorite collaboration tools & analytics platform.
This integration lets you embed Sentry issues into your GitBook documentation. It allows your reader to get a preview of the issues right from your documentation pages.The GitBook integrations platform allows you to connect your GitBook spaces to some of your favorite services and platforms.
It contains apps and integrations built by GitBook, and will in the future also include some built by other developers and companies.
Creators and admins can install integrations for a space. Only admins can install integrations for an organization.

Learn more about:

Mermaid lets you create diagrams and visualizations using text and code.
The GitBook Plausible Analytics integration allows you to track traffic in your published spaces from your Plausible dashboard.
Sentry helps developers and organizations solve errors and performance issues quicker, and learn continuously about their application health - from the frontend to the backend.
Receive real-time Slack notifications when something important happens to your content on GitBook.