Team management

Learn how to manage members in your organization

One of the best ways to explore collaboration in GitBook is by inviting members to your organization and creating teams. 🏀

🧙♂ Tips: As organizations are a home for collaboration, teams can only be created in organizations.

🏀 Invite members to your organization

You can create your first team by inviting new members to your organization:

Invite new members

  1. Choose the role (admin 🎩 , writer , reader 👀) you want for your new member. A link will be generated which grants access to anyone who opens it. This link can be revoked anytime!

  2. Copy the link and share it with your new member/members.

Voilà! You can now see the members invited to your organization in your organization's settings > Teams

🧙♂ Tips: Each new member (admin, writer, reader) invited is considered as a user for a paid plan. If you are looking for a public documentation, available to anyone, you won't need to invite additional readers.

🏀 Create a team and invite members to it

Your organization members can be split into groups called teams. To create a team go to your organization's settings > Teams and simply click on Create a team.

You can now add members to this specific team by inviting new members or adding existing members (members invited to your organization).

🧙♂ Tips: When you invite a member in a team directly (as an admin for example), the chosen role level applies to the team only.

Why create a team?

Creating a team is better and easier for you to manage permissions of members for each space. Some members can have a different role depending on spaces.

You can learn more about team permissions here: 👇

🔗 Revoke a link

You can revoke an invite link any time. This means that the invite links you use to invite members will be regenerated. Users who want to join your org will need the newly generated link to join.

🙋♂ Remove members

Teams change all the time, sometimes there are new members joining 🤗 and some of them go. 😢

Leave an organization

If you are an admin 🎩 , a writer or a reader 👀, you can leave an organization by clicking on your organization's settings > Leave organization.

Remove from a team

If you are an owner 👑 or an admin 🎩 , you can remove a member of a team by clicking on the member you want to remove.

Transfer ownership of an organization

You can transfer ownership of an organization to another person. You can do so by clicking on the name of the person you'd like to transfer ownership to in your team settings.