Member roles

Your users/members can have different roles giving them a level of permissions in your organization. There are 4 different roles with 3 different levels of permissions:

🎩 Admins and 👑 Owners

Owners and admins are active collaborators with full administrative permissions. They can:

🧙♂ Tips: Only owners and admins can promote an owner, but only owners can delete an organization.


Writers are active collaborators too, but unlike owners or admins, they do not have full permission. They can:

  • Edit and manage content in a space but not in the organization

  • Access drafts and unpublished changes

  • Comment drafts or content

  • Have access to edits, activities, and analytics in spaces

They cannot:

  • Invite and/or add members

  • Set member permissions

  • Create teams

  • Remove team members

  • Have access to settings in the dashboard and/or in spaces

  • Have access to customization, teams and integrations in spaces

  • Delete an organization

👀 Readers

Readers can only access docs and read all published content that has been created in spaces (private or public). That means they cannot edit, comment or manage any content.

📋 Recap

Here is a visual summary of the different permission levels for each role:‌

For an organization


All members admin

Team admin



Promote to owner

Invite a new member

Remove a member

Create a new team

Handle org permissions

Handle team permissions

For spaces


All members admin

Team admin



Access team permissions

Access general settings

Access insights

Edit content

Access drafts and unpublished changes

Comment content or draft

Read published content

🧙♂ Tips: User roles can be changed anytime! That way, a reader can easily become a writer or an admin