Formatting your content

You can format your content in a number of ways, using the context menu or keyboard shortcuts in the GitBook editor.

To format your text, simply select it and choose one of the formats from the context menu — or use a keyboard shortcut or Markdown syntax. We’ve listed those out below:

We’ve written these shortcuts using Mac keys. Use Control in place of ⌘ (Command) on Windows or Linux operating systems. Check out our keyboard shortcuts page to see all the shortcuts for all operating systems.


Keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + B



Keyboard shortcut : ⌘ + I



Keyboard shortcut: ⇧ + ⌘ + S



Keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + E


Keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + K

When you add a link to text on your page, you’ll be prompted to provide the link. You can add any URL, but if you’re linking to another page or section in your space, we recommend using a relative link.

This is a link to an external page.

This is a link to another page in this space.

This is a link to a section on this page.

This is a link that starts an email to a specific address.

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