Editing pages

We designed a simple and instant editor. Once on a page, you can just start typing!

We listed some key points to get an overview of GitBook's workflow to kick off your project.

📝 What's a draft?

You can access your drafts by clicking the ✏️icon

A draft is an editable version of your content only accessible by your members, and is automatically created once you start writing (first letter on the editor, creation of a new page, uploading a picture, etc.).

Changes made on a draft are proper to it which allows you to contribute on the same document with other members simultaneously without creating any conflicts! This is what we call asynchronous editing and conflict resolution.

🧙♂ Tips: Name each draft to know what you have been working on. This will help you to know what a draft is about and helps you maintain a better overview of changes.

Save edits

The first version of draft isn't always ready to be published straight away. Use "save" when you want to continue your work later, or if your content is not yet ready to be "merged".

🧙♂ Tips: 📝You can "save" by pressing cmd+S on Windows or ⌘S on Mac.

Drafts that are saved and not merged yet can be seen by clicking on the edit iconon the sidebar. You can select your draft from here to continue working. You can also see if your colleagues left reviews and merged any drafts.

Merge edits

When you finish editing, you can "merge" your draft. The content you wrote or the changes you made will then be available for your team members and/or be public.

You can merge your draft by clicking on the bottom card or by clicking on the ✏️icon

🧙♂ Tips: It's the button you should use when your content is completely ready to be shared with anyone. If you don't feel ready to publish, you can just save your content. You can also "merge" your draft by pressing cmd+Shift+S on Windows or ⌘⇧S on Mac.

Drafts that have been merged can be accessed by clicking on the edits icon > Merged. You can then see the entire activity log or restore a merged draft.

You can learn more about the restoring feature 👉 here:

🗃 Archive drafts

You can archive drafts that have not been merged and never will be by selecting it and click on "archive". The archived draft will be then moved to the archived tab.

If you need to get your archived draft back, you can reopen it any time! Just click on the Archived tab and open the options menu.

You can reopen a draft if there's some information you need to get back

🧙♂ Tips: You can delete a draft on GitBook just after being archived. Follow the instructions above and click on "Delete". This is a secure way to avoid accidental content loss.