Inline content

Inline image

You can insert inline images to your content. By default, their size is proportional to the font size as their main purpose is to be inserted in line to your content. This is great for inline badges and icons.‌
There are 3 different sizes of inline images:‌
    Inline size: the default one proportionally sized to the font
    Original size: will remain inline but with its original size with a maximum width
    Convert to block: this turns an inline image into a block image with its original size
Good to know: You can change the size of an inline-image by clicking on the image to open the formatting palette.

Math formulae

You can create an inline math formula like this:
f(x)=xe2piiξxf(x) = x * e^{2 pi i \xi x}
Good to know: You can also insert a block-level math formula directly from the command palette.


You can add emoji by opening the inline palette. Alternatively, type : and a list of emoji will pop up directly in line.
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