GitBook supports the internationalization of a Space or a Variant, enabling public documentation user interface elements to be translated. Moreover, adding a language to a variant lets you create multi-language contents (ex: chinese version of your API, french how-to guide...).

An example of a translated documentation in Japanese.

The current supported languages are: English, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified) and Japanese.

Choosing a language for your space

By default your space will have the English language selected. To customize it you can access the language options in the Customization panel. This will also set the fallback language for all of your variants.

You can press on the dropdown menu to select a language.

Choosing a language for your variant

You can set a language for each of your variants, enabling your language specific documentations to have their user interface translated.

When creating a variant you can specify a language or leave the default value, which will fallback to the space's default language.

You can update a variant's language at any time by accessing its options: