Multiple space search

When writing or reading docs, you sometimes want to find what you need in the twinkling of an eye wherever it’s located.

Our multiple-space search points you to the results of all the spaces of an organization.

🧙♂ Tips: You can easily open the search panel by pressing Alt+/ on Windows or ⌥ / on Mac.‌

🔍 Display of results

Results of the space you're in are displayed first. The results of other spaces of your organization are then ordered in a decreasing order.‌

So write down what you need, take a look at results in other spaces, pick the page or section you're interested in and voilà!

🤫 Team permissions

The multiple-space search is compliant with your team permission settings, meaning that users will only be able to search the content they have permission to access.‌

Please note: Multiple space search is not available on the public published site of a GitBook Space. It's only availble to the authenticated members of a GitBook organization based on their permission settings. External visitors of a public space can only search that space.

🔡 Indexation

We currently index your content by "sections" which are a group of higher-level titles (H1, H2 or H3) with its text (can be H2/H3 with its text, or just text).‌

When a section starts with H1 and contain a lot of H2/H3 with text, your paragraph turns into a big section. As you can notice, we just show 3 lines of information in each result. When your section is too big, it happens that what you are looking for is hidden among all the information contained in your section, that's why sometimes it looks like some keyword don't hit.

🧙♂ Tips: To avoid keywords "not hitting", we advise to create smaller sections. This will help you to better find important information.

We plan to continue improving search. You can check what features are planned in our changelog 👉 here.