Migrating from the legacy version

Follow this guide if you already have content on legacy.gitbook.com

Before migrating, you should check the important differences brought by the new version. If you see blockers, do not hesitate to contact us through our support messaging.

Migrating a legacy organization

Starting the migration process has no consequence until you confirm the migration. This allows you to experiment the new version and check that everything is right before moving in definitively.

You can migrate your organization(s) to the new version either from the new dashboard, or from your organization's page on legacy.gitbook.com.

Legacy organizations are suggested for migration on your dashboard

Either way, you will be asked to follow the different migration steps. If you experience any issue, contact us through the support widget.

After finishing this process, you will be able to experiment with your imported organization, before confirming the migration definitively. You must wait 24 hours before confirming the migration.

Migrating individual books

Starting from April 2019, it is now possible to migrate single users content to the new version of GitBook.

When accessing your dashboard on legacy.gitbook.com, you will see a banner allowing you to start the migration process. Simply follow the instructions and you should be all set.