Custom Domains

We support hosting your docs on custom domains, so you have docs on your own subdomains (e.g:

🏢 Organization domains

Organization domains are useful for large organizations with multiple projects they want to host on a single domain (with a subfolder per project).

For example, if my organization domain is, all your public projects will be available under{project-id}

To set up an organization domain, go to your organization's settings:


A large tech startup with multiple separate SDKs would set up a single org domain The different projects will be accessible as folders:

  • iOS SDK:

  • Android SDK:

  • Web SDK:

🌌 Space domains

Space domains are what you will want to use most of the time, especially if you only have personal spaces.

To set up a space domain, go to your space and click on the Advanced tab:


A small startup with a single documentation project can set up the domain

A larger startup with a help center and an API documentation can set up a domain for each project: and

DNS Settings

In short, CNAME to

If you are a v1 user, you may have been used to using , which only works for and will not work for new users.

🧠 Note: GitBook legacy will soon be deprecated. Contact us to help you migrate your content.


GitBook spaces are served over our own CDN with HTTPS enabled by default. The certs are issued by LetsEncrypt.

🧠 Note: You don't need to setup anything in front of GitBook to benefit from it. If you do want to use your own CDN such as Cloudflare, have a look at the common errors.

Supported domains

Not all domains are supported. Apex domains, for example, cannot be used. See the table below:

Custom domain type

Example domain


www subdomain

custom subdomain

apex domain