Content Configuration

Configure a specific synchronization

You can configure how GitBook should parse your Git repository using the.gitbook.yaml file that must rely on the root of your repository.‌

Here is an example:

root: ./
previous/page: new-folder/

🦷 Root

Path to lookup for your documentation defaults to the root directory of the repository. Here's how you can tell GitBook to look into a "docs" folder: .gitbook.yaml

root: ./docs/

All other options that specify paths will be relative to this root folder. So if you define root as ./docs/ and then structure.summary as ./product/, GitBook will actually look for a file in ./docs/product/‌

🧱 Structure‌

The structure accepts two properties:‌

  • readme: Your documentation's first page. Its default value is ./

  • summary: Your documentation's table of content. Its default value is ./

The value of those properties is a path to the corresponding files. The path is relative to the "root" option. For example, here's how you can tell GitBook to look into a ./product folder for the first page and summary: .gitbook.yaml

readme: ./product/
summary: ./product/

📝 Summary‌

The summary file is a Markdown file (.md) that should have the following structure:

‌# Summary​
## Use headings to create page groups like this one​
* [First page's title](page1/
* [Some child page](page1/
* [Some other child page](part1/
* [Second page's title](page2/
* [Some child page](page2/
* [Some other child page](part2/
## A second-page group​
* [Yet another page](

Providing a summary is optional. If you don't specify a summary, and GitBook does not find a file at the root of your docs, GitBook will infer the table of contents from the folder structure and the Markdown files below.‌


You can create custom redirects of a URL to a page by specifying the path to the corresponding file. The path is relative to the "root" option. For example, here's how you can tell GitBook to redirect users accessing /help to the support page: .gitbook.yaml

help: ./

🧙♂ Tips: The URL must not include the leading slash.

Here's how you can deal with a more complex URL:.gitbook.yaml

help/contact: ./

🧠Note: With Git, when a file is moved many times, the file is removed and a new one is created. This makes it impossible for GitBook to know that a folder has been renamed for example. Make sure to double-check and eventually add a redirect.