Gather insights on your content

Learn about the native insights GitBook provides for your public documentation.
You can measure and improve your documentation by checking how your pages are performing and which keywords are used when searching through your documentation.
Administrators and creators can view the insights panel.

The insights panel

When inside a space, click on insights in the space sub-navigation to open the insights panel. You'll see two tabs: pages and searches.
Preview of the sub-navigation panel with insights visible. This view is available to admins and creators

Pages tab

This shows a summary of visits to your space across all pages. You can view daily, weekly, or monthly traffic — monthly is the default. A bar chart plots that traffic over time.
For each page in the space, you can see a count of all views. This is the total number of views since the page was published. If page rating is enabled, you can also see how many people have left feedback on each page and the average feedback rating. Hover over the average rating to see further details.
Click download CSV if you'd like to use or analyse this data further outside of GitBook, and a .csv file will be downloaded to your device.

Search tab

Switch to the search tab to take a look at which terms visitors are searching for within the space. You can view these search terms for the past week, month, or year — and again, the month is the default setting.
The information here can be helpful for informing your content architecture, making certain parts of your documentation easier to find without search, or adding additional content to existing pages based on what your visitors are searching for.
Click download CSV if you'd like to use or analyse this data further outside of GitBook, and a .csv file will be downloaded to your device.
Why can't I see any data for my space? We display data only for published spaces. That means that if your space is shared internally with the members of your organization, you will not see any insights into this space.

FAQ: Feedback, analytics and insights

Can I integrate GitBook with other analytics tools?

GitBook default insights offer a quick overview of page views. To take a deeper look into your readers' behaviour, you should take a look at our Google Analytics, Plausible or Fathom integrations.

Can I get more detailed information besides page ratings?

Page ratings can be set in the customization settings, allowing users to provide a basic rating on the content. The summary of those votes can be accessed through insights in the page tab.
At the moment we don't offer any options to integrate or gather feedback from users. If you would like to see us implement more options please submit them as a feature request in our community.