Live edits

With live editing you can start making changes to your internal documentation on the spot. There's no need to create a change request first.
A screenshot of a GitBook space. Near the top-right corner, "saving" is highlighted, showing how GitBook automatically saves your work in live edit mode.
GitBook saves your live edits automatically
Live editing is the default mode of any newly-created GitBook space. A space in live edit mode is editable instantly by anyone with the correct permission level.
Live editing is not available in some cases.
When a space's live edits are unlocked, you'll be able to see the avatars of the team members that are currently viewing the space. This is shown at the top right corner of the page. Anyone can start editing the space, but this works on a first come first served basis. When an editor starts making changes, editing is temporarily locked for all other viewers in that space. Once the editor's changes are saved, editing is released and made available to any of the viewers that want to start making changes.

Toggling live edits on or off

You can lock or unlock space for live edits by selecting 'Unlock live edits' and 'Lock live edits' from the Space's actions menu.
Unlock live edits from the space actions menu

When is live editing not available?

It is not possible to unlock live editing in the following cases:
  1. 1.
    When a space is published with the In collection, Public, or Unlisted visibility option. We hope to change this in the future.
  2. 2.
    When Git Sync is enabled.
Only users with the admin or creator roles can lock or unlock live edits.