Ask questions or receive feedback on the content you create in GitBook.

Comments allow you to have as much (or as little) conversation as you like around specific pieces of content — without switching out of context from GitBook.

Comment within your content

You can comment on any block within your content. The comment will be displayed in a right hand panel which you can open by clicking on the comment icon in the sub-navigation.

Comment threads

Any top-level comment in GitBook can be replied to, turning it into a discussion thread.

Reacting to comments

You can also leave an emoji reaction on any comment by clicking the emoji button on the message or thread you’d like to react to.

Resolving comments

If you’re done working through a comment thread or idea, you can resolve a comment at any time. Resolving a comment will hide it in the interface, but still keep it accessible in the ’Resolved’ tab of the space’s comments section.

Commenting and change requests

In addition to commenting on a page or content block, you can also leave comments inside of a change request. See change requests to learn more.

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