Version control

Learn how to monitor changes, roll back to a previous point in time, and more.
You can easily monitor all changes submitted to your content thanks to the
history tab. Here, your changes are split into two sections: feed, where you can see the day-to-day actions that have occurred within a given space, and change history, where you can specifically track changes to your space's content.
Only administrators can access the history tab, where they can view actions and change history in a space.


The activity feed is where you can get a bird's eye view of what's been going on in any given space. This is useful if you've been away from the action for a few days and want to catch up. It's also useful if you're curious about anything that's happened in the space, e.g., when a specific member was added to the space, or when live edits were locked or unlocked.
A screenshot showing the result of clicking History in the space subnavigation. The activity feed is visible, showing activities like visibility changes, merged change requests, and live edits being locked or unlocked.
The activity feed for a space.

Change History

The change history of a space is where you can specifically see actions that result in content changing. These include:

Version control

Viewing historical versions of content

To view past versions of your content and any changes that were made, navigate to the hourglass icon in the top right-hand corner of the space sub-navigation. You can click on any item in the change history list to view how your content looked at the point this change was made. This is very similar to how change requests are viewed.
How to acccess your historical content

Rolling back to a previous version

Rolling back allows you to revert a space's content to a previous point in time. This is helpful if you've accidentally made a breaking change or deleted content and need to quickly get back to a previous version of the space.
Admins and creators can click the rollback button while viewing a specific history item to roll the space back to this point in time.
A screenshot of the GitBook app while viewing a specific point in the change history. From the menu in the bottom-right corner, an option to roll back to this point in time is available.
Viewing a previous point in time via the change history
For as long as a space exists in GitBook, no version of its content is deleted. Content is versioned and immutable.