Card content block
Cards allow you to create a new visually pleasing page layout with text and images. They can be used to build landing pages or display any other content in a non-linear way.
You can select large or medium-sized cards and link them to the relevant resources.

Example of a card

You can now convert card blocks to full width by clicking on the
next to the block. Read more about full-width blocks.

How to create a card

Type / to open the block insert palette. Then select Cards block. By clicking on
you can add and format text. You can also add additional columns such as numbers, user or rating.
By clicking on the
symbol you can add a target link (recommended), add cover images or delete the card completely.
When creating cards, we recommend you use target links instead of hyperlinks. Target links will ensure that the reader is redirected to the intended destination, regardless of where they click within the card.
The key to great looking cards is editing your images so that they have the same ratio. For example:
  • 16:9 (eg. 1920px x 1080px)
  • 4:3 (eg. 1024X768)
  • 1:1 (eg. 500px x 500px)
By using the same ratio for all of your images you can ensure that they will align when displayed on the page. This means that titles and text under images is also aligned, which provides a better reading experience.

Card size

You can select the card size by clicking on
menu to the left of your card block. The 'Medium' option creates three cards in one horizontal line, while the 'Large' option allows for only two cards to be created.
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