Table content block
You can add tables to better organize your information.

Example of a table

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You can now convert table blocks to full width by clicking on the
next to the block. Read more about full-width blocks.
Table columns can have the following data types, which apply restrictions or embellishments to every cell in the column:
  • Text: standard text. Can be formatted.
  • Number: a number, with or without floating digits.
  • Checkbox: a checkbox that can be checked or unchecked.
  • Select: data can be selected from a pre-defined list of options. Can be single-choice or multiple-choice.
  • Users: data can be selected from a list of the organization's members. Can be single-choice or multiple-choice.
  • Files: data is a reference to a file in the space. New files can be uploaded when populating cells in the column.
  • Rating: A star rating, with a configurable maximum.

Changing a column type

You can use the column dropdown menu to change a column's type. Select the new type and click save. You'll be prompted to confirm this change, as column data could be deleted or malformed by this action.

Resizing columns

You can drag from a column's edge to resize it. Column resizing is stored as a percentage of the overall width, which allows for relative sizing based on the overall width of the table.

Scrolling tables

Tables that are wider than the editor container will be horizontally scrollable.
You can drag and drop columns and rows to reorder them, and delete columns or rows using their respective context menus.
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