Expandable sections

Add an expandable block to a page to keep your pages shorter, hide longer content, or create FAQs

Expandable blocks are helpful in condensing what could otherwise be a lengthy paragraph. They are also great in step-by-step guides and FAQs.


Step 1: Start using expandable blocks

To add an expandable block hit / on an empty block, or click the + on the left of the editor, and select Expandable.

Step 2: Add content to your block

Once you’ve inserted an expandable block, you can add content to it — including lists and code blocks.

Representation in Markdown

# Expandable blocks


<summary>Expandable block</summary>



There are some limitations on which blocks you can create inside of an expandable block. You can check the full list by starting a new line in an expandable block and pressing / to bring up the insert palette.

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