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Add a heading to a page
GitBook offers 3 levels of headings, which should be enough to properly structure your content. Headings structure your documents. Heading levels 1 and 2 will appear in the page outline.
All headings have anchor links, which are links that you can use to point to a particular section of your documentation.
You can see the anchors of a title when your content is in read mode. If you want to make some text point to an anchor within a page in your space, you can add a relative link.
Reading on a screen is less comfortable than reading on paper. Make sure your content isn’t too long with too many titles. Sometimes splitting your content into different pages can help with overall readability.

Example of a heading

My heading 1

My heading 2

My heading 3

Representation in Markdown

# My heading 1
## My heading 2
### My heading 3
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