Write with GitBook AI

Use GitBook AI to generate and build content for your page

You can use GitBook AI to create content on any empty line on your page. It can create all kinds of content — formatted in Markdown — including code samples, templates, page summaries and more.

GitBook AI is available as part of the Pro plan and Enterprise plan. To find out more, visit our pricing page.

How to write with GitBook AI

Press Space on any empty line, or type / and choose Write with AI to enter GitBook AI’s writing mode.

You can instantly start typing any prompt you want. GitBook AI will analyze the prompt and generate content based on it. For example:

Write me a two-paragraph overview of why documentation is important for product teams.

Alternatively, you can also choose from one of the suggested prompts or prompt starters:

Continue writing

If you click this option, GitBook AI will analyze the content on your current page and then generate more content based on that.


Click this and then tell GitBook AI what you want it to explain. This isn’t limited by content on your page, so you can ask it to explain anything at all.


As you can imagine, this option will summarize all the content on your page — great for writing a TL;DR at the bottom of a detailed document, or adding a quick summary at the top for people just checking in.

Explain this

This will break down the complex information on your page and explain it in simpler language — including explaining acronyms and other jargon. This is perfect if the page you’re reading involves a lot of complex information, or you want to add an explainer for less technical folks.


This mode will translate your current page into one of a set number of languages. If you want to translate into a language that’s not on the list, simply type it into the prompt box.


How does GitBook AI use my data?

We always follow our data protection practices to keep your data private.

GitBook AI does not use your data to train AI models. We will only share the information you add to GitBook AI with OpenAI for the sole purpose of providing you with GitBook AI’s features. Take a look at OpenAI’s privacy policy for more information.

How much does GitBook AI cost?

GitBook AI is available as part of GitBook’s Pro and Enterprise plans. If you have a Free or Plus plan, you’ll need to upgrade to use GitBook AI writing and editing. Visit our pricing page to find out more about upgrading to Pro.

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