Add pages, groups, external links, and more to your GitBook spaces

A page in GitBook is the place where you add, edit and embed content. Pages always live inside a space, allowing you to group up related content and create different sections for the topics or areas you’re covering.

Table of contents

You can create as many pages as you need in a space. They’re all visible on the left side of your screen in your space’s table of contents.

Organizing your content

There are three types of pages you can add:


A page has a title, and optional description, and an area where you can write and add any kind of content.‌

You can nest pages by dragging and dropping a page below an other in the table of contents. Doing this creates a subpage.

Tip: There’s no limit to page nesting, but we’d recommend you avoid more than three levels of nesting to avoid an overly-complex navigation.

When you change the title of a page, the page’s slug (the part at the very end of the URL, e.g. /hello-world) will also change — unless you’ve manually set the page’s slug previously.

Page groups

Page groups make it easy to bring pages together into sections that cover related content.

Page groups can only live at the top level of the table of contents. You cannot nest page groups inside page groups.

External links are simply links to external sites and resources. Adding a link doesn’t create a page in your content. Clicking one in the sidebar will immediately open the link in a new tab.

Create a new page

When in live edit mode or in a change request, you can create a new page by clicking Add new page > New document page at the bottom of your table of contents.

Alternatively, you can hover between pages in the table of contents and click the + icon that appears.

Once you’ve created a new page, you can add content to it using the editor.

Create a page group

Just like creating a new page, you can create a page group by choosing Add new page > New group from the bottom of your table of contents.

To add an external link to your space, click the Add new page button at the bottom of the table of contents, then choose New link. Give the link a title — this will appear in the table of contents — and then add the URL and click Insert.

Can’t see the option to create a new page?

If live edits are disabled for your space, you’ll need to create or edit a change request. Once you’re in a change request, the New page button (which allows you to create pages, page groups and links) will be available in the table of contents.

Alternatively, you may not have the correct permissions to edit a page.

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