Organize your spaces and group related ones together using collections

Collections are groups of spaces focused around a specific topic, team or purpose. You can think of them as a folder for your spaces.

Collections allow you to:

  • organize your content by similar topics or ideas

  • manage space permissions at scale by allowing you to override the organization-level defaults

  • customize your group of spaces and publish them as variants (see collection publishing for more info).

Create a collection

Click the + button next to the Documentation header in the sidebar to create a new collection. You can also create a collection or space within another collection from the collection’s main page.

Move a collection

Nested collections

You can nest collections inside each other, creating a collection -> sub-collection -> space hierarchy.

Open a collection and you can click New collection from the collection’s main page to create a sub-collection.

Note: When you publish the primary collection, nested collections do not show up as variants.

How to delete a collection

Deleting a collection is final, but spaces inside a deleted collection will move to the Trash and can be restored up to seven days after deletion. You can access the Trash from the bottom of the sidebar.

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