Find out how to easily migrate your existing documentation — and which formats GitBook supports.

The import function allows you to migrate and unify existing documentation in GitBook. You can choose to import single or multiple pages — although some limits apply.

Permissions Only users with editor permissions or higher can edit pages.

Supported import formats

GitBook supports imports from websites or files in the follow formats:

  • Markdown (.md or .markdown)

  • HTML (.html)

  • Microsoft Word (.docx)

We also support imports from:

  • Confluence

  • Notion

  • GitHub Wiki

  • Quip

  • Dropbox Paper

  • Google Docs

To import multiple pages you can upload a ZIP containing HTML or Markdown files.

The Import panel

When you create a new space, you’ll have the option to import content from the bottom sheet of the first empty page:

After choosing an input source, you can select the file you’d like to import.

Although GitBook supports importing content from different sources, the end result may be different from your source due to differences in product features and document formats.


GitBook currently has the following limits for imported content:

  • The maximum number of pages that can be uploaded in a single import is 20.

  • The maximum number of files (images etc.) that can be uploaded in a single import is 20.

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