Search & Quick find

Search and navigate your documentation fast with quick find.

GitBook’s quick find palette lets you search for content across all your organizations, and jump between them fast.


All member roles can use the quick find, but members will only be able to search the internal content they have permission to access.‌

How to use quick find

You can open the quick find palette by pressing ⌘ + K on Mac or Ctrl + K on PC.

Search results

Results from the space you’re currently in appear at the top, followed by results from other spaces from the organization you’re currently working in — as well as other organizations you are a member of.

When you select a search result from an organization, you’ll switch to browsing that organization. To go back, use quick find to select a document in the organization you were in before, or use the organization switcher in the sidebar.

We do not currently support the ability to prioritize certain content in quick find results.

​Team permissions

Quick find is compliant with your team’s permission settings, meaning that users will only be able to search the content they have permission to access.‌

Note: Multiple space search is only available when viewing a published GitBook space that lives inside of a published collection. It is not available across individual published spaces in different collections.

Content Indexing

We index your content by grouping it into sections. Sections are denoted using H1, H2 or H3 Headings, with the content that follows them forming part a section.

Each result shows the first three lines of information below the section header. If your section is too big, your keyword match may not appear in the preview — but don’t worry, quick find still found a match!

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