Start exploring

Do you think GitBook is the right fit for you and your needs? 🤲 Let's go through some tips to start your onboarding.

Create an account and start exploring GitBook

GitBook is a service full of possibilities. To start exploring:‌

  1. Sign up to create a new account and try it out for free with a 14-day trial

  2. Sign in to GitBook and start creating a space

🧙 Tips: If you're new to GitBook💞 , you will first be prompted to create a space in a place dedicated to your personal projects.

🏀 Create a team

Being several is the best way to try GitBook. Invite some members of your company to test all the possibilities of our product like asynchronous writing, comments, activities, conflict management, etc.

Get more information on how to invite 🕊 :

You've been invited to join a project? 🤝

If you were given an invite link 🔗 to join someone's organization, you can start collaborating with the team you've just been invited to. Make sure you are signed in with the right account before joining the organization.

Steps when being invited to an organization

Import your content

You can start testing GitBook by importing content from other solutions like websites or files that are Markdown (.md or .markdown), HTML (.html), Microsoft Word (.docx), or .zip.‌

Get more information the import feature 🏗 :

🔄 Synchronize a GitHub repo

You can also start testing GitBook by synchronizing a GitHub repo to one of your spaces.‌

Get more information on the GitHub integration 🔄 :