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Commit messages & Autolink

By default, when exporting content from GitBook to the Git repository, GitBook will generate a commit message based on the merged change request:
GITBOOK-14: Improve documentation about users management
If you want to automatically resolve your GitBook change request IDs (e.g. GITBOOK-123) in commits to links, you can enable this using GitHub’s Autolink references feature. See instructions on GitHub.
Use the following URL format, where space corresponds to your space’s URL:

Customize the commit message template

When using GitBook with a monorepo, or when you have specific guidelines for commit messages; you might want to customize the message used by GitBook when pushing a commit to Git.
The template can contain the following placeholders:
  • {change_request_number} unique numeric ID for the change request
  • {change_request_subject} the subject of the change request when merged, or No subject if none has been provided.
The default template is:
GITBOOK-{change_request_number}: {change_request_subject}
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