GitHub Pull-Request Preview
Good to know: customers who configured the GitBook GitHub app before 6th January 2021 and want to enable this feature will need to accept an updated permission request to enable read-only access to PRs. You should have received a notification requesting this access.
When you submit a PR to a GitHub branch that has been synced to a GitBook space, you can preview the content before merging. This allows you to check the impact of changes before merging them.
You can use this feature to have a final layer of checks before merging a Pull Request, allowing you to see your changes in a non-production environment before merging it into your synced branch.
The GitBook PR Preview status, showing on a PR to a branch that is synced with a GitBook space
This behaviour works out-of-the-box, provided you have given the GitBook GitHub app the necessary read-only permissions to Pull Requests.
In any PR where the target branch is synced with a GitBook space, a status will be added to the PR with a unique preview URL. Hitting the 'Details' link on the status will take you to the preview URL for your content. You can then make sure the content is as expected before merging the Pull Request.
Good to know: preview links are only accessible by GitBook users. We're working on a feature that will allow preview links to be viewable by anyone who accesses the Pull Request.
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